meHello! My name is Amy. I’m a technical writer living in Ottawa, Canada. In my spare time, I love to crochet and design amigurumis.

It all started the summer I turned thirteen. My cousin Katie and I found a book of amigurumi patterns in a used book store. We bought the book to share and each crocheted our first stuffed animal. I made a pig and Katie made a hippo. I cringe when I look at this overstuffed and scraggly little pig, but I keep him for sentimental value.


I spent several months following my favourite patterns by Ana Paula Rimoli. Then I started designing my own. My first project was a terrifying Peter Rabbit. His thighs are bigger than his head, and I tended to over stuff.


But I have progressed since Peter. Here is my own pig design crocheted up, a big improvement on my first pig.


In October 2012 and February 2013, I participated as a vendor in the Ontario Valley Crafts & Collectibles show.


I’ve also designed crocheted versions of Chummy, Sister Bernadette, and Shelagh from Call the Midwife. Trixie was featured on the BBC One Show in January 2015, and all three were featured in the January 2017 Let’s Knit Magazine! If you have a favourite character you’d like to see crocheted, contact me and I’d love to make that happen.

Thanks for visiting Amy’s Gurumis!