meHello! My name is Amy, and I am obsessed with amigurumi (cute crocheted toys). It all started the summer I turned thirteen. My cousin Katie and I found a book of amigurumi patterns in a used book store and thought it was the most adorable thing we’d ever seen. We bought the book to share and we each purchased a ball of cotton yarn to make our first animal. Mine was a pig and Katie made a hippo. At the time I remember being really excited by how cute he turned out, but now I cringe when I look at this overstuffed and scraggly little pig. I keep him for sentimental value.


I spent many months following patterns (I especially loved Ana Paula Rimoli’s patterns). Then I started designing my own amigurumi patterns. My first project was a terrifying Peter Rabbit. His thighs were bigger than his head and I still tended to over stuff…he’s pretty frightening.


But thankfully I have progressed since Peter. For example, here is recent (ish) design of a pig, a big improvement on my very first pig.


In October 2012 and February 2013, I participated as a vendor in the Ontario Valley Crafts & Collectibles show, which was so much fun! (That’s me on the left in the picture below, with my wonderful cousin Katie who started making amigurumi with me).

craft showIMG_0045

So now I’m continuing to design patterns of everything from manatees to finger puppets to alpacas (that was a very big fail).

I also love to crochet characters from favourite TV shows or books, so I use this blog to share pictures of all my latest projects. I’ve designed crocheted versions of characters from “Call the Midwife”. So far I’ve completed an amigurumi Chummy, Sister Bernadette and Shelagh. Trixie was also featured on the One Show in January 2015, and all three were featured in the January 2017 Let’s Knit Magazine!

If you’d like to make your own amigurumis, you can visit my Etsy shop where I sell my patterns. I also always welcome custom orders, so if you see an amigurumi on my blog and would like to order the actual stuffed animal rather than a pattern, feel free to request a custom order in my Etsy shop.

Thanks so much for visiting Amy’s Gurumis and come back soon!

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  1. Hello! My son’s sitter made me a Chummy doll. I have a picture. Let me know where to send it! Thanks again!

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