Amigurumi design with Kathleen

Back today to share some amigurumi inspiration! Kathleen is a talented crocheter. She made the amigurumi below by following the Little Bunny pattern. Kathleen contacted me on Etsy and made a great request for the Little Bunny’s wardrobe: open backed shirts and dresses so the clothing is easier to take on and off (you don’t have to pull them over the bunny’s big head!).

I wrote up a pattern for an open backed shirt, and Kathleen cleverly adapted the instructions to several outfits that you can see below. Her designs are so fun and creative!





I’m looking forward to trying this out with different bunny outfits myself, and I’m thankful for Kathleen taking the initiative on this one! It’s great to have crocheters find improvements that the designer might not think of herself, so thank you Kathleen!

Click here to download the open-backed shirt pattern.

Click here to purchase the little bunny pattern.

Click here to download the little bunny’s wardrobe pattern.

Have a great weekend, and happy crocheting!


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