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The NEW Amy’s Gurumis (Again)

I’ve revamped my shop again, but I promise it’s the last time! I’m finally satisfied with my patterns and photos. These are all made with high end yarn (no more Bernat Handicrafter Cotton for me, my sore hands couldn’t take it anymore!). You’ll notice the blog is slightly redesigned (I’m going for vintage/classic/baby/early 1900s feel) and here is a screenshot of the redesigned Etsy shop:

So far, I have rereleased three patterns:

  • Prairie Bunny
  • Teddy Bear (for American Girl dolls)
  • Lion

And of course, all the others are on their way! I have a long ways to go, but it’s been a blast using Sublime DK weight yarn (kindly donated from Mum’s stash) that glides off my hands. I’m also loving coming up with unique photo backdrops for each animal. Take a closer peek below, visit the shop, or check out my new social media links to Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram in the sidebar!

Click Here to purchase the Prairie Bunny PDF Pattern
Click here to purchase the Teddy Bear PDF Pattern
Click Here to purchase the Lion PDF Pattern

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