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Blast from the Past

I was looking through some family photos last week and came across this gem:


This was taken in 2004 when I was around 11 years old and my brother Mitch was 8. I was teaching him to knit but I clearly wasn’t the most effective teacher. I love how enthusiastic I still look, despite Mitch being on the verge of tears. Hopefully I’ve improved my teaching skills since then!

Lately, I’ve been teaching my friend how to crochet amigurumi. She comes over every Wednesday afternoon and we have a two person crochet club. She’s made impressive progress and has completed two projects: Ana Paula Rimoli tiny turtle pattern and Luvly Gurumi’s snowman pattern. I certainly did a better job teaching her than I did my brother, but it was more challenging than I expected when we got started! Now she’s a pro, and I’ll hopefully be posting pictures of her projects.

I have some exciting new patterns coming out this week, so check back soon!


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