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Dolls: dress up, puppets, and paper!

Happy Saturday!

I have crocheted some new dress up dolls – one jumbo (17″) and one mini (10″). Both dolls come with a simple dress and mary jane shoes. The jumbo doll is crocheted using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (my new go-to yarn) and the mini doll is made with Knit Picks Cotlin DK.


Check out the patterns for these dolls in my Etsy shop!

Mini Dress up Doll Pattern

Jumbo Dress up Doll Pattern

Another crochet pattern I’ve written recently is for these cute hand puppets. In a recent post, I shared pictures of my Adventures in Odyssey puppets which were similar to the ones below. I’m currently working on an Anne of Green Gables set. All I have to do is change the colour scheme (orange hair in two braids with a skirt piece for Anne and the boy puppet (Gilbert Blythe) will have black hair, brown pants, and a white shirt).


This pattern can also be purchased in my Etsy shop:

Hand Puppets Pattern

Finally, I have taken the plunge and opened a second Etsy shop! And the doll theme carries over into that shop as well. It’s called My Own Paper Doll and is filled with digital download paper dolls that you can cut out, colour, and play with.

It’s been a productive and doll filled week, I hope you enjoy these photos! 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.07.59 AM

ClaraColour Your Own



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