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Adventures in Odyssey

Oh Hi there! I was just working on one of my inventions here. My name is John Avery Whittaker, but you can call me Whit, and this is Odyssey. Hey! Let’s see if this thing works!

Woah, Hold it!

Hello there for real! In my own Imagination station I came up with the idea of Adventures in Odyssey puppets and here they are in the real world.Over the last year I’ve listened to lots of Odyssey (at work or on the bus). I have such great memories of sitting by the radio at 5 o’clock on Sunday afternoons to listen to the next episode, or the marathon of episodes we listened to on long car rides. I crocheted Whit, Connie, and Eugene. Whit is my favourite because the moustache and wavy white hair make him look just like the drawings of his character on my old tape albums.

(I took these pictures in my light box, and the black background works great with these puppets because they are made with such bright colours.)

Thanks for stopping by Amy’s Gurumis and have a happy Easter weekend!


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