A Whole New World of Amigurumi

I have been a strictly crochet only crafter since the beginning (almost). The rare times that I have ventured over to the dark side (knitting), have ended in disaster. Mostly this is because dropping stitches makes me want to cry and it is unbelievably slow compared to crochet.

There was one unfortunate knitting episode last winter where I attempted to make a Square Bear (yes, I know, it’s a dumb name, but its basically a knitted bear made out of garter stitch squares). I spent an entire day and a half on this project. To divert myself while knitting I also sat through the torturous new Sound of Music. Several times I nearly gave up, but I always managed to convince myself that if I just stuck this out, it would be so worth it. I was wrong. What the producers of the new Sound of Music should have realized also applies to my square bear: sometimes you should just give up before it all ends in disaster and you realize that you’ve wasted a lot of valuable time.

It was late evening and I was getting close to finishing the Square Bear’s body. I had just made a delicious french vanilla cappuccino in the Keurig machine. Settling onto the couch in our basement, I felt refreshed and ready to tackle Square Bear once more. Leaning back, I put my feet up on the coffee table, promptly knocking the french vanilla over and drowning poor Square Bear. I could not believe my eyes. How could I possibly have just completely destroyed in one second what had taken hours of painstaking frustration to make? In a rage I threw Square Bear into the garbage, found paper towel and cleaned up the mess. My mom was very sympathetic (and probably a little amused at the fate of poor Square Bear). To cheer me up, we watched the good old 1965 Sound of Music with Julie Andrews. 🙂

Of course, after an experience like that one, the thought of knitting has been even further from my mind. But this past August I was getting bored of crochet. I tried a few alternatives: freeform crochet, crocheting things other than toys, knooking (always a big mistake, no matter what), and finally I decided to give knitting another try. (One reason that I do have for favouring knitting is that at a craft show years ago I had one knitted monster for sale on my table surrounded by cute crocheted amigurumis. The monster was the ONLY thing that sold the whole day). Anyways, I have these really adorable little bamboo knitting needles for making toys, and on one of my nights off I decided to knit a pig with those cute needles and some pink Vanna’s Choice. And what do you know? He’s super adorable and it didn’t kill me to make him!


Isn’t he just the cutest? And the photo turned out absolutely amazing because I am using my new light box that I got for my birthday. This is taken with just a regular point and shoot camera too! The light box has pretty much changed my life 😛 It’s very large but I don’t want to put it away because I use it so often. So every time I need to open my wardrobe (which is like 15 times a day), I have to move the huge tent that you take the pictures in. But it’s very worth it.

This little pig was not the end of my knitting adventures! I then tackled something much more challenging: a Jean Greenhowe knitted bear. Jean Greenhowe’s designs are adorable, and I have almost all her pattern books. But they are also really fiddly and require a lot of time spent on assembly. So I chose a bear that was all one colour and is fairly simple without a lot of accessories and little doodads. Here is Bruno the bear, wearing his favorite striped garter stitch scarf.

DSCF2695 DSCF2707



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