Call the Crocheted Chummy!

My obsession with Call the Midwife has entered the ultimate phase: the amigurumifiying of one of my favourite characters…Chummy! She’s just tickety-boo and marvelous, weighs about the size of a turkey, and I refer to her as “little bean”.


I started crocheting her over a month ago, and since I work nights now, it was a long process. Plenty of trial and error, lots of sweat (the weather’s been humid and humidity doesn’t mix well with aluminum crochet hooks), too many trips to Michaels, a request for my wonderful cousins Katie and Julia to loan me a spiffing pair of American Girl doll glasses, and combing through Call the Midwife pictures to make sure I chose yarn that was as close to the real-life colours as possible have all culminated in my Camilla Fortescue-Cholmeley-Browne amigurumi. It was a bit of a scrape, but she’s finished and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Listening to the Call the Midwife soundtrack and re watching episodes from the first two seasons passed the time while I crocheted, even when I had to redo the blue uniform for the third time to make it fit just right. (Maybe it would have been preferable to make it out of crimplene instead of Snuggly Wuggly acrylic?). And of course, I will have to make another uniform in eau-de-nil, I’m sure she’d look a picture in that!

I’ve included photos of my notes, which will hopefully be written up into a proper pattern someday. DSC_0146DSC_0155

DSC_0156Even when I’d completed her, it couldn’t be as simple as taking pictures and posting them. The photo that turned out best was one where I’d forgotten to include the delivery bag, so I called upon the generous services of my brother. He photoshopped the delivery bag into the photo for me and did a fantastic job. Bravo Mitch! (Except we both came to the conclusion that the original picture looked better, even without the delivery bag, but I had to give him credit for wasting his evening).

Hope all of you Call the Midwife fans enjoy these pictures of Chummy while you wait eagerly for series 3! I’m sure you’d all agree that she’s the sort of amigurumi a chap’s mother would like.



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