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One Year Later…

Hard to believe that I haven’t updated this blog for a year! But my new and ambitious plan is to try and post once a week from now on with pictures of my amigurumi projects. For this first one though, I’ve got a year’s worth of pictures and stories to choose from.

Last summer, Mum  and I put together a special birthday party for my aunt and grandma. It was Beatrix Potter themed, and we went bezerk with party planning. We made signs, posters and menus, downloaded background music, purchased special candles, dishes and table clothes, baked, scones, hung up floral curtains and handmade bunting. My main contribution was a collection of crocheted party favours. I tried to make amigurumi versions of Beatrix Potter characters. Since they were so small, it was a very tedious project, but worth the effort!

Birthday partyDSC_0086DSC_0096DSC_0091

At some point last summer I thought (because I was so sick of making amigurumis) that I would drop the hobby completely and turn instead to making hats for American Girl dolls. They were fun to make but this distraction was very short lived…


…And then I was back to making bunnies 🙂


However, I didn’t limit myself to bunnies. I had a custom order for a life size baby doll. (If it isn’t obvious already, I was very much unemployed. You can’t crochet life size dolls complete with diapers and beanie hats while holding down a job at the same time).


This doll was ginormous. It turned out to be more like the size of a small toddler than a newborn baby! And below are pictures of a baby pattern I designed for my etsy shop. Here’s the link if you would like to make your own cute little baby amigurumi!


I also had a custom order for five Hello Kitty’s. The customer requested they have whiskers, which is actually a terrific idea! I think I might add those to the pattern at some point 🙂


The school year was filled with sporadic custom orders, and I’ve included some pictures of those below.


An Octonaut doll (this is a kid’s tv show). The character I was requested to make was a polar bear named Captain Barnacle.


And of course, an Angry Bird, which was for a good friend of mine.

I didn’t make these within the last year, they’re even older than that, but  they’re just too cute not to include! This was a custom order for two Valentine’s day themed critters. I think the most adorable amigurumis are definitely ones that have little hoods like this owl and ladybug!


This past May a gift shop in Ottawa started to sell some of my stuffed animals as baby gifts. They requested that I make a giraffe, so I based the design off my lion pattern. I thought at first that with a long neck, it would be a total disaster (since I can’t stand it when my amigurumis have really wobbly heads) but I used extra stuffing in the neck and he turned out better than I’d expected.


And now I’m finally up to speed! A few weeks ago I had a custom order on etsy for one my chubby bunnies. I hadn’t made one in ages, and it was so much fun to tweak the original pattern. Instead of making a pullover, I crocheted a little pink cardigan with a button. I pefer this style of amigurumi sweater because it is easier to take on and off, without having to try and squeeze the bunny’s very large head through a small opening.

DSC_0163DSC_0166DSC_0162And last, but not least…DSC_0043

…in case anyone dared to think that I had stopped crocheting manatees!


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