Amigurumi Projects

Best Dressed Bunny

I’ve been crocheting furiously all summer, making up my own amigurumi patterns. Up until last night they have all been fails. In the past week I have attempted to crochet a mouse, hippo, bird, and a manatee. Yesterday, after finishing the unsatisfactory manatee (which looked like a blimp) I decided that it was hopeless. But of course I was back on etsy a couple hours later admiring the cute amigurumis. As I was looking at them I realized  one of my problems was that  I had been using really heavy yarn that always seemed scratchy and ugly when it was crocheted so tightly into a stuffed animal. Deciding that I should only use cotton yarn from then on, I went through my two baskets of yarn and picked out all the cotton. Then I started randomly crocheting (figuring that it wasn’t going to turn out, but I might as well give it one last shot) After making the head I decided it was going to be a bunny. Then, because I had two nice shades of blue, I used those for the legs, so that the bunny could have his own pair of striped leggings. I could hardly believe it when I was finished, because it had actually turned out super cute!

The orange shirt was a last minute addition. I’ve never attempted clothes for amigurumi before, but it turned out really well!

I am hoping to have loads of these bunnies for sale on etsy as quickly as possible, so leave a comment and check back soon!


2 thoughts on “Best Dressed Bunny

  1. So Julia tells me that Mitch made you delete your Blogger account to create on on WordPress – hahaha! He is so bad! 🙂

    As for a comment on your actual blog post – wow, you are really good at making those aruguruimayiagurigoogleydoogley things!

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